Essay about Review Of ' The Film '

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The film showed how most first generation students navigate their way through the college application process while expressing some of the benefits and disadvantages first generation students encounter.
Who were featured in the film? Donte is a smart young man who ran into trouble when he was younger; as a result, he changed his life around. Donte later spent much of his time picking his GPA up and playing football in pursuit of a college education. Jess goes to a small school and works in her mom’s diner. She enjoys running stats for the football and softball teams for fun. Cecilia took all AP courses her junior year of high school. Her mother is not as motivated as she is for college. She took all AP courses her junior in hopes of going to her dream college: UCLA. Sooma is a proud Pacific Islander and enjoys playing multiple sports. Sooma’s dad passed away while he was in high school. Sooma has used his death as the driving force to go to college and make him proud.
Low-income students struggle with the application process. Apart from college and universities only serving select communities and low-income student’s test scores accommodate the family income status; low-income students suffer from a lack of knowledge and money. Sooma wanted to attend an ivy league, until he realized that his GPA and test scores were not high enough. Perhaps if he was knowledgeable of the requirements, he would have taken the necessary steps to enroll at an ivy league. All the students in…

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