Review Of ' The Fall Of 2002 ' Essay example

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It was the fall of 2002; it was a very cold and windy fall. The leaves on the trees were almost all off, and snow was just starting to lightly come down from the sky. It was just another normal day for Jennifer, going to work to make some more money to pay bills and everything else that needed to be paid off. Although one day at home, it struck her like no other - the excruciating pain that once consumes her again fills her whole body. This time it was worse, so bad that all she could think about was the pain. As quick as she could, she called for her mother and demanded her to call an ambulance. A few days later, she was in a hospital bed waiting to be taken into surgery. There was one thing that she didn’t realize: she wasn’t coming back.
Weeks earlier Jennifer and her kids, Gauge and Quentin, were at home spending time with their mother as usual. Gauge being reluctant to do anything he’s told, and Quentin, only two years old, is crabbier than ever and is doing whatever makes him feel happy. They lived in a house full of family members: a Grandma who works constantly at casino in Hinckley, MN, and a Grandpa that does back breaking yard work when he can, and an aunt that is focused on getting a job to pay off things for school. Gauge and Quentin’s father also lived there, but no one is sure of what he actually does for a living, and he eventually disappears out of their lives. It was Halloween day; Jennifer and her mother Barb were getting Gauge and Quentin ready to go…

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