Review Of ' The Eye Of The Beholder ' Essay

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Film and literature are very similar, yet extremely different. This divide is in the eye of the beholder. Both forms are a means of entertainment and seek to retell a reoccurring story. Connor argues, the comfort of ritual combined with the piquancy of surprise, is a part of human nature, which triggers our yearning for the same story in different forms. “Recognition and remembrance are part of the pleasure and risk of experiencing an adaptation; so too is change” (Hutcheon, 2006). These similarities lead to success, regardless of the type of media, because we, as humans, will never truly be satisfied with an ending. We will continuously search for a new ending, a different path to the same ending, or a new location of the same story. During class we watched two different adaptations of Carmilla. Both adaptations had their own entertaining aspects, which lead to a successful/semi-successful adaptation. For the first adaptation made in 1989, was more “faithful” to the book, producing a sense of fidelity. This can be argued as a credible argument or not. In Connor’s article he argues, “No one would bother to discuss whether a book or film or any other version of a story were faithful unless she already had some allegiance to that story in some form” (Connor,2007). In essence, if one were an avid fan of the novel Carmilla, they would much more likely prefer the 1989 adaptaion than the 2015 one. The YouTube series of Carmilla adopted the novel in a unique, original way. This…

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