Essay about Review of the Bail Bond System

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Kevin Hudson
Prof. Kuennen
Review of Bail Bond System To begin the process of bail, first there must be a suspect, an arrest, a police report filled out, and charges filed against the suspect. From here, there are five possible release options: own recognizance, property bond, cash bond, surety bond, and citation release. In the following paragraphs, I will present each of these topics and show how they are typically used. The most commonly used form of release from jail, until the court date, is own recognizance (O.R.) This program is used through the county or the specific law enforcement managed pre-trial program. In order to determine whether a suspect can be released by the own recognizance, a staff member of the
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If the suspect does show up for their court hearing, the money will be given back to the person who put forth the money. If the suspect does not show up for their court date, the court can claim the money for forfeiture. Do not have the cash? Do not have the property? Not always a problem! A surety bond is another type of bond used to release a suspect from jail until their court date. The surety bail is an alternative to the cash bond. This process involves an insurance company that can be under a contractual undertaking the guarantees the company has the necessary amount of money of property that will complete the amount of the bond. The bail agent will have to guarantee to the court that they will pay the amount due if the suspect does not return on their scheduled court date. This guarantee is made through a surety company and/or by the pledge of property that the bail agent currently owns. Last, but certainly, no least is the citation release. Also known at the “Cite Out” the citation release encompasses the discretion of the arresting officer at the time of the arrest. At any time immediately after the arrest, the arresting officer may issue a citation release to the suspect. The arresting officer will notify the suspect that he or she must

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