Review Of ' Song Of Summer ' Essay examples

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Song of Summer is adorable, delightful and an extremely important read.

The feeling when you started reading a book and you immediately know, you 're going to review it with glowing stars. Because, it was the cutest thing you 'd ever encounter. It’s everything you wanted and more. You can 't get enough of it. You need to finish it in one go.

This is me with Song of Summer. This book is the cutest I ever read and it’s tremendously significant.
Song of Summer is told from the alternating point of view of Robin and Carter. Robin is a music nerd working as a waitress when Carter walked into the diner. He’s so tall and handsome as hell. He’s so good and he does it so well. Sure, he perfectly fits, Robin’s Perfect Man.
But Carter isn’t up for relationships. Most importantly one who doesn’t speak the same language as he does. But when, Robin genuinely offer him a friendship. He’s suddenly breathless.
Together, they will see if they have a chance to experience culture, music and love together.

My name is Carter Paulson. I’m profoundly deaf, which basically means I can’t hear anything. Yes, that’s rare. In fact, my entire family (except my mom) is deaf. Yes, that’s rare, too. My dad’s an architect, my mom’s a stay-at-home and ASL interpreter. My older sister is twenty— she’s a live representative. Like you would chat with online for technical help. My little sister is nine. She has a CI (cochlear implant), so she’s practically hearing. Yes, this is a weird family in the Deaf…

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