Review of Sandwich Master Essay

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Internal Control And Accounting Systems

An Overview of the Sales Ledger and Credit Control
Sandwich Master Ltd

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1. Terms of Reference 3 2. Methodology 3 3. Executive Summary 3 4. Introduction 4 5. Review of Current Accounting Systems 4 6. Weakness 4 7. Recommendations for Improvements 4 8. Cost Benefit Analysis 4 9. Appendices 5 9.1. Project Proposal 5 9.2. Organization Chart 7 9.3. SWOT Analysis 8 9.4. Market Research 9 9.5. Fraud Matrix 9 9.6. Action Plan 9 9.7. Technical Notes 9 9.8. Mapping Document 10 9.9.
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9.2. Organization Chart

9.3. SWOT Analysis STRENGHTS• Courtney and George are experienced entrepreneurs specialised in buying stagnant business.• Jane and Emma are well experienced in the industry.• Sandwich Master is a well-established business.• 80% of business is cash sales. | WEAKNESSES• Courtney and George have no experience in the industry.• Business is only marginally profitable.• George (finance director) is too busy with other business and rarely gets involved in Sandwich Master’s issues.• No compliance with company policies.• Untrained staff.• No cross training• Lack of plan for staff or directors’ absence.• Staff overloaded with work.• Too much manual work which is time consuming and more open to errors. | OPPORTUNITIES• Internal control and accounting systems report being prepared to help improve management.• Opportunity to integrate systems and automate tasks.• Introduce flexi time instead of overtime pay.•Provide training, especially to those of staff that have already showed interest.• Cooperation of staff in complying with company policies once they have learned about it. (till and petty cash

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