Essay on Review Of ' Perks Of Being A Wallflower ' By Stephen Chbosky

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Charlie struggles to shield himself from the attacks the world of high

school is throwing his way.

High school can be frightening, especially for kids like Charlie. He is very socially awkward so it makes it tough for him to make friends. Charlie feels like everyone has changed since elementary school and no one wants to be friends. After his best friend Michael committed suicide he has finally made new friends who he now calls his best friends. He shows a lot of emotions through some tough times during his first year of high school but he figures out how to deal with everything that is thrown his way by himself and with his family and friends. This amazing novel “Perks of being a wallflower” was in fact written by Stephen Chbosky. Charlie is the protagonist of this novel. He is a really quiet and shy boy who keeps things to himself and is always thinking. He watches people and is not judgmental. Charlie seems to get very emotional and sensitive to the smallest of things. As can be seen, he also gets angry when someone messes with him and his friends. With this in mind, it appears that Charlie cares about his friends more then anything else. All in all, Charlie is definitely the character who stands out the most because of all 3-character traits I noticed most. Charlie being strangely emotional, angry and caring constructs the story and makes it significant since it all relates to when he was younger. It completes the story behind his life. Charlie’s emotions…

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