Essay on Review Of ' No Getting Around The Black '

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Annotated Bibliography

Cunningham, M. D. (2014). No Getting around the Black. Cinema Journal, 53(4), 140-146

This article discusses racism in the United States and its effect on the black media. According to the article, black filmmakers are not comfortable with catering their films to the black community. Cunningham believes that black filmmakers feel as if they have to make their films “universal” while white filmmakers target the black community and make a profit off of it. This article also discusses cultural appropriation and white people who benefit from black culture. In the middle of this article, Cunningham argues that Quentin Tarantino, who is a white filmmaker, used his white privilege to make a profit off of a slave movie. The article also mentions Tarantino was too insensitive while he used the “N” word in his film, Django Unchained. Cunningham ultimately believes that many white filmmakers and entertainers use black people to make bring themselves success. Overall, this article discusses the underappreciation of black filmmakers and appropriation of black culture.

Dixon, T. L., Azocar, C. L., & Casas, M. (2003). The Portrayal of Race and Crime on Television Network News. Journal Of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 47(4), 498-523.

The article explains how blacks are misrepresented on local news programming. According to the article, a number of studies have been conducted to investigate why blacks were being portrayed as criminals on the local news…

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