Essay about Review Of ' Mark Renton '

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Mark Renton is a Scottish resident living in an impoverished neighborhood that has an addiction to heroin. He is a young adult who lives with his parents and does not have a regular job instead he and his friends steal trinkets. His circle of friends is made up of people who are also addicted to drugs or have other issues. He finds life to be mundane and boring therefore he turns to heroin in search of pleasure. Additionally, he also comments on how being a ‘junkie’ helps him to avoid the worries of life such as finances, relationships and food. When he is a junkie, he only has to worry about getting a ‘hit’. However, Renton comes to a decision of wanting to quit heroin just like in the past but it results in an unsuccessful attempt. When he goes back to taking heroin again, he and his friend discover the death of an infant in the dealer’s house as a result of neglect. Renton gets in trouble with law enforcement as he is caught stealing but escapes jail for agreeing to enter a drug rehabilitation program. Nevertheless he does heroin as one last time before getting off it but nearly dies of overdose. Renton is an only child in the family and dearly loved by his parents. They encourage him to quit cocaine and get his life back together. They also fear for their son’s health and the possibility of contracting Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) due to his needle sharing. As one of the friend tests positive for HIV even though he just recently started doing drugs. They lock…

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