Review Of Johns Hopkins 's Hospital Essay

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Assess the various management levels and their role in Johns Hopkins Hospital. Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC offers a one of kind structure of health management programs for their partners; Johns Hopkins Employer Health Programs (Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC, 2014) and Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan, members…at no cost. Within these programs members, depending on severity, are placed into one of three categories: complex case management, monitored case management, or lifestyle management. Depending on which category, members have a number of support systems, tools and services, exclusively, for members so that they may better understand and manage medical conditions (Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC, 2014; Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2015). Members also have the opportunity to working one-on-one with a trained nurse or social worker to help improve or manage their condition. The programs and services are intended to educate, empower and inform members to be more engaged in their health care through improved self-management (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2015). Category one, the complex case management, is designed for members with multiple medical conditions such as: adults and children with diabetes, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and/or congestive heart failure. Members are contacted by a care manager who evaluates their health status, develop a self-management plan, and assist members in receiving the appropriate care (Johns Hopkins Hospital, 2014; Johns…

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