Review Of ' Jethro 's History Of Graphic Design ' : Bold, Bright, And Proficient Children 's Books

1890 Words Jun 13th, 2016 8 Pages
Tawni Coakley Scott Underwood HU430 Gen Ed Capstone 13 June 2016 Redesigning Children’s Literacy: Bold, Bright, and Proficient Children’s books are a kid’s first exposure to art/design and literature, as well as a means to teach them important academic and social concepts. Currently, many children struggle with literacy and understanding materials that are given to them. Children’s books are paired with illustrations and other design elements to help kids make sense of what is written throughout the book. When the basic design elements fail to uphold their duty, a kid might misunderstand or even disregard the concepts and material. If children’s books are more graphically interesting by fulfilling the design process and utilizing various design elements, then the subject matter presented within will be learned more easily, as demonstrated in one of my books titled “Jethro’s History of Graphic Design”. In a data review compiled in 2014, the Annie E. Casey Foundation found that 66% of all children are not reading proficiently. This is a large factor in a student’s future, not only educationally, but also economically. Reading test scores have plummeted nationwide. Studies have shown that about one in six children that are not proficiently reading at age-level by the end of third grade will not graduate high school. This is a very dangerous trend and if continued not only does it affect individual lives, but can deem the United States unfit in the ever-increasing competitive…

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