Review Of ' Her ' By Spike Jonze Essay

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Human Sexuality in the film ‘Her. '
‘Her’ is a science fiction futuristic love story directed by Spike Jonze that features a depressed soon to be divorced man known as Theodore Twombly. Due to his boredom and loneliness, he decides to buy an operating system a form of artificial intelligence for companionship. The operating system names herself Samantha (Scarlet Johansen) and the two fall in love as the movie advances. Their innuendos develop into a relationship in which the two engage in a mutually satisfying sexual and psychological relationship. Human sexuality is not abstract in developing emotions in human beings, equally, sexual attraction is not always physical; however, the physical nature of humanity is necessary for a complete satisfying sexual relationship experience. In the film ‘Her’ human sexuality tests the limits of intimacy between human beings in reality and virtual intimacy.
The obvious concern that comes to the fore in regards to the film ‘Her’ is that the title refers to Samantha the artificial intelligence who is an operating system that Theodore purchased with the aim of soothing his loneliness and boredom. To that effect, the ramifications of his choice manifest when the Samantha serves its purpose by providing companionship. However, Samantha does not either inhabit a human body or is she real because she is built by human beings (Shechtman, 2014). Sentiments by Freeman (2014) are such that every Internet addict should be forced to watch the movie…

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