Essay about Review Of ' Hana 's Suitcase '

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All stories or novels or fictions have to have a characteristics or elements for that story to explain or move the story with the other interesting factors. All stories or novels must have a plot or event that, where was that story took place. Characters are the story elements, which are help to move the story to the next step. It could be a person, or an animal, or an imaginary figure. It could be anything. Characters have their own development and function. Each and every character was varying throughout a story. Some characters were start out highly developed and fade at the end of the story, but without characters there are no fiction or stories could move the whole story. Important characters can guide the readers through to the climax of the story, also characters are having the effects on readers to understand the theme of the story. In Charlotte’s web, there are few interesting characters, but Wilbur is the character got the pity from the readers. Also in the novel “Hana’s Suitcase” Karen Levine used Hana’s suitcase as a main character, otherwise the true story won’t be invented by Fumiko to honor that little girl’s life.
In the Charlotte’s web there are several interesting characters, which can be a pillar or a major support to the fiction. I chose Wilbur is the pig was a memorable character in that fiction. In the two different farms the pig is the character the move the story or on the other way we can say the story is moving around that pig.…

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