Review Of ' Genesis 3 : 1-24 Essay

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Genesis 3:1-24
Sin came into the world when the serpent twisted and questioned God’s words, causing the goodness of God to be doubted.
The eating of the fruit was a sin of commission that brought sin into the world. A sin of omission was also committed when Adam let Eve eat the fruit.
Sin brought guilt, shame, fear, blame, curses, enmity, pain, death and separation from God and the original perfect place he created.
Sin impacts every aspect of my life. It is unfair for me to blame my sinful nature on Adam and Eve or the devil because I am not perfect, so I cannot cast blame. I need to be aware of the devil’s use of lying and cheating to make what may not even be tempting, desirable. Knowing and understanding God’s commands will assist in resisting temptations. It is my responsibility to encourage those who struggle in their sin.

Psalm 51:3-5
Sins are committed against God and the His punishment is just.
We are born (even conceived) in sin. Our whole existence is perverted, never without sin and we are aware of this sinful condition.
It would be incorrect to think that at one time I was without sin and hence, without the need of a Savior. It is worthless to hide from my sin considering my sin is undeniable. The actions I commit against others damage my relationship with my Heavenly Father.

Matthew 5:21-22
Thoughts of committing a sin separate sinners from the Father, whether the deed was accomplished or not.
Anyone who…

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