Essay on Review Of Ernest Hemingway 's ' Hemingway And His Parents '

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Hemingway and his parents: The relationship in fiction and real life

Ernest Hemingway was born in Illinois 1899 and died in 1961. He was an American novelist, short story writer and a journalist. At the foundation of Ernest Hemingway’s philosophy of art is his assertion that “a writer’s job is to tell the truth.” He intimated that his own novels could be called biographical novels rather than pure fictional novels because they emerged out of “live experience.” If Hemingway’s stories are essentially “autobiographical,” then his views of, and attitudes toward, his parents should emerge from his fiction Some basic assertion s that can be made about Ernest’s fictional attitudes toward his parents. Generally, Hemingway’s hero saw his mother as dominant, intruding, crafty woman who failed to understand him as a son. Toward his father, he was somewhat more ambivalent; Hemingway acknowledged some fine qualities in his father, but he could never forgive him for his lack of “manliness,” both in allowing his wife to dominate him and in committing the final act of cowardice, suicide. Actually, the fictional portraits only partly reflect reality. Threatened by his mother’s dominating personality and shamed by his father’s “cowardice”, Hemingway, by selectivity and emphasis, pictures his parents as essentially negative personality. Grace Hemingway, Ernest’s mother, is given fictional life in the 1920’s with…

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