Essay on Review Of Dr. Marissa Vaughn

1102 Words Aug 31st, 2016 null Page
Anthony has a history of chronic depression. He has been treated for this disorder multiple times by Dr. Marissa Vaughn. The hardness of life has caused Anthony to go deep into a phase of depression. One day at an event at the Indigo Hotel, he made the decision that he wanted to commit suicide. Life sometimes can feel blank and worthless, which can cause you to become mentally distressed. On June 16, 2002, Anthony’s wife, Margret, noticed some physical and mental changes in Anthony’s behavior. She thought it was nothing, but him being stressed from all of the jobs he has been working to provide for his family. As the days went by Margret continued to evaluate Anthony’s behavior and noticed that it was getting worse. Margret decided to talk to Anthony about his unusual behavior. One night after Anthony arrived home from work, Margret approached him with the problem. He said that he was not aware of his unusual behavior and asked Margret how has he been acting. Margret replies, you have been socially isolated, sleeping excessively and sad. Anthony apologized to Margret and then they went to bed. Margret also continued to monitor Anthony’s behavior to see if they needed to seek professional help. As the months went by Margret noticed that Anthony’s behavior has not changed, so she decided to talk to Anthony about seeking professional help. Anthony refused and says he was fine. Margret felt sorry for her husband and wanted nothing, but for him to get better. One day Margret…

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