Review Of Christopher Nolan 's ' The Genius Behind The Movie '

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Christopher Nolan, the genius behind the movie idea “Inception” created plot that blew people’s mind. Inception was the kind of movie that got people thinking and trying to unravel its complex twist while yet entertained and thrilled. The movie was to showcase a dream within a dream within a dream. Using the term “inception” itself is to place an idea into a characters subconscious while he’s dreaming. Basically the movie was the placement of a simple idea in someone’s head leading them to believe “they gave their self the idea”. The “Inception” in the movie had to do with the main character Cobb and his inception of dream extracting. Cobb was an international “extractor” thief who puts himself to sleep, goes into someone’s dream, and stealing important secrets from that person subconscious. Cobb was hired by a big time guy (Saito) who was head of a Japanese energy company, to perform one last job that would give Cobb his life back to the state and his children. This time the job was not to steal an idea but to place one in Fisher subconscious, who Saito aimed to make Fisher, split up his dad’s company. Cobb put together the perfect team of dream specialist to help make this happen and perform the perfect crime. They will go through many different levels of dreams from the first to Limbo (dying in the dream) to plant this idea but, that doesn’t come easy for them. Cobb and his team are faced with projections created by Fisher‘s subconscious that is protecting him. Also a…

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