Essay on Review Of ' Carmilla ' By Le Fanu

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During the Victorian period amongst many issues human sexuality, gender, and religion was heavily debated. Human sexuality is an element that has been evolving since the beginning of the nineteenth century. Sexual preference is one of the most criticized matters in society; moreover, to speak of sex is often taboo. These opinions are comparatively due to old teachings of religion. Although human sexual preference has become more accepted and published; however, during the Victorian period, homosexuality of any kind is a sinful and undiscussed act.
Sheridan Le Fanu’s novel, Carmilla, was published in 1872 as one of the first pieces of vampiric fiction in British Literature. Carmilla was the concluding short story from a collection of stories by Le Fanu in his works In a Glass Darkly. Le Fanu wrote Carmilla in attempt to use names within his writing to address the forbidden topics of homosexuality. In accomplishment of his attempt, this publication introduced the topic of lesbianism and the connection of the Church of England and society. Carmilla can be viewed in many ways when depicting the nineteenth century. Le fanu views on women oppression to men, gender equality, and sexuality are somewhat clear. In the novel, the narrator (Laura) states, “Does the doctor think me very ill” (Le Fanu 53). At this point in the novel Laura is becoming ill and has begun to become weaker due to carmillla being sexual attracted to her. This quote shows how society tries to put a diagnosis on…

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