Essay about Review Of Book ' The On Success And Happiness '

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Topic 3: Fiction’s essentiality to success and happiness

Success and happiness are considered amongst the most important aspects in everyone’s life. Everyone strives to be successful in various ways, but the question here is that - is it necessarily achieved by reading Fiction stories or not? Well, this is something one could argue upon – in favor or against of reading fiction stories. I read a few fiction stories this semester including “What you pawn I will Redeem”, “The Lottery”, “The Swimmers”, “The UFO”, “ I‘m a Mad Dog Biting Myself for Sympathy” and came across few themes such as tradition, generosity, self-deception, homelessness, quest, love, society, etc. But in accordance to my thoughts and imagination it isn’t necessary that I haven’t known them before reading these stories. Well, definitely I could say that there are few pros and cons to reading short fiction stories as per every person but does that directly or indirectly impact ones happiness and success in personal and professional life is the main question here and I believe fiction stories are certainly not an “essential” thing to determine ones success and happiness in life. There are many other factors that join together to form a person’s successful life and career, which shouldn’t necessarily include fictional reading. Fiction is nothing but an author’s own imagination, it has nothing factual in it. The characters and the scenario are all imaginary things, where the characters…

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