Essay about Reverse Racism : Racial Discrimination

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Recently, accounts of “reverse racism” or “reverse discrimination”, wherein a member of a majority group claims to be a target of racial discrimination from a member of a minority group, have become more common. Accusations of reverse racism are often used in controversies surrounding matters such as the Employment Equity Act, the fact that Canada celebrates Black History Month but does not have a White History Month, and the fact that many post-secondary institutions have minority-specific groups. These claims of reverse racism are not true acts of racism. As a result of the social, political, economic, and systematic advantages majority racial groups hold in comparison to minority groups in Canada, reverse racism is not a prevalent issue in society.
One of the biggest misconceptions that contributes to the myth of reverse racism is the actual definition of racism and how it is often misconstrued for the meanings of other words. Prejudice, for example, is defined as a feeling of dislike for a particular racial ethnicity or group. Discrimination is prejudice plus actions such as harassment, social exclusion, and employment, housing, and educational discrimination that harm the group. Racism is discrimination plus an institutionalization of those discriminatory acts which are then perpetuated by society. When members of a majority claim that they are victims of reverse racism, what they are actually experiencing are acts of prejudice. It is completely possible for White…

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