Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale 's The Scarlet Letter Essay

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Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale In The Scarlet Letter is considered by everyone as a honorable person in the entire Puritan town. Practically nobody would think that he would be able to do any evil, more so doing the sin of adultery. Unexpectedly, Dimmesdale has the feeling that he is an individual who is much terrible for committing such a sin and not letting it be known to the townspeople. He is affected greatly by this sin but increases his popularity unexpectedly through inspiring him give intensifying more sermons. More adversely to the townspeople common opinion, Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale is not extremely honorable and therefore does not deserve to be praised at all.
Guilt and sins may cause causes more agony and pain. This has occurs in Arthur Dimmesdale’s life, who is a well-known among the community of puritan as a minister. The townspeople ironically don 't trust Dimmesdale 's sinful protestations. Given his experience and background and his penchant for explanatory speech, generally Dimmesdale 's congregation interpreted his sermons metaphorically as opposed to any individual person guilt expressions. This makes Dimmesdale to internalize his self-punishment and guilt further that leads to more deterioration in his spiritual and physical condition. New height of Idolization of Dimmesdale is reached after the sermon of his election day which was his last. Dimmesdale in his death turns out to be much a greater icon than he truly was in his entire life. Many people…

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