Essay about Revenue Enhancement Action Plan and Strategy

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Revenue Enhancement action plan and strategy

Assignment project: Business strategy
Prepared By : Ajmal Rasheady
Date: 2013

Municipalities in Afghanistan are created for management of city affairs and to provide for the general welfare of their inhabitants. In spite of this huge responsibility toward city and citizens, municipalities are the non-budgetary units of government and are authorized to generate their own revenues. Given this fact, we realize that urban development and welfare of citizens depends on increased generation of revenues. So, municipalities are legally obliged to strive to enhance revenues and judiciously utilize the sources to finance service delivery. Having that in mind, Farah municipality
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The three main parts or components are explained in length as follows.
1. Revenue Administration
In revenue improvement agenda, there are two focus areas: 1) Maximum utilization of current revenue sources through healthy and effective management practices to ensure financial viability or stability and 2) Creation of new revenue sources through development of economical enterprises. It would be logical enough to first focus our reform and improvement measures on how to judiciously utilize extant revenue sources. A comprehensive revenue enhancement action plan and strategy in Afghanistan requires measures to address challenges from multiple dimensions (technical and administrative) so that it leads to considerable increase in revenues as well as ensures financial viability. Given this principle, the focus areas for improvement of revenue administration are as follows:

a. Coordination and cooperation
b. Rewards and

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