John Book Of Revelation

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John writes the book of Revelation to testify “to everything he saw” of the testimony given to him by Jesus Christ. He recorded his vision from Christ “for the benefit of…Christians throughout history”. He wrote to the seven churches in the provinces of Asia to urge his readers to “be ready at all times for the Last Judgment and the establishment of God’s kingdom.” While Revelation is not, as some assume, a secret code to unlock the future, it is a great resource to Christians so that they can look forward to the second coming of Christ, and the establishment of Christ’s kingdom on earth. In fact, scholars estimate that “278 out of 404 verses in Revelation” contain references to the Old Testament. Compared to the entirety of Paul’s letters …show more content…
He uses his own name to write the letter, giving the letter authority from a man so high up in the Church that the leaders of Asia would know him by his first name. Jesus has given this revelation to John to allow him to understand what is to “things which must soon take place”. God sent an anger to show John the revelation, and in writing this down John is bearing witness to this vision of Christ “victory over evil, and the establishment of his Kingdom”

3: Revelation is a book of prophecy, and it tells of future events and also preaches about God. The “words of the [Book of Revelation] will be blessed”, and anyone who takes the words of Revelation to heart will be strengthened by them. John references Mark 1:15 at the end of this verse, restating that “the kingdom of God has come
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This proclamation comes from the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, so the reader can be “assured that John’s message is reliable and is God’s word to us”. The “seven spirits” is a reference to the number seven (which represents perfection) and the spirit (which is the Holy Spirit, which has come into the early church powerfully. Christ is also the “firstborn of the dead”, which signifies that he is the resurrection and that he is making all things new. God has made the new believers into a kingdom and priests, signifying that believers not only “live within a kingdom; they exercise its kingly power”.

7-8: John here references Daniel 7:13 seeing a man on the clouds, referencing “the enthronement of the Son of man over the nations”. Jesus second coming will not only be victorious, but it will also be visible, “all people will see him arrive and they will know it is Jesus”. The Lord is the “Alpha” and “Omega”, the “first and last letters of the Greek alphabet”, signifying that God is the beginning and the end. The man who is the “beginning and the end of all existence, wisdom, and power” is to be praised forever and

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