Revelation That We Must Understand Apocalyptic Essay

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The first word in the original Greek in the book of Revelation is apokalupsis, which means an uncovering, an unveiling, a disclosure, a revelation. Our church currently meets in a school multipurpose room which has a stage covered by a large, mustard-yellow curtain. While the curtain is closed, it hides the items behind it. But when we draw the curtain open, everything behind it is disclosed or revealed. This is the idea behind the word, apokalupsis or apocalypse. Dennis Johnson writes in his commentary on Revelation that we must understand apocalyptic “… in the ancient sense of ‘unveiling, disclosing’ in vivid, visual form the invisible realities and forces that drive and therefore explain the course of observable historical events.”3 In other words, Revelation does not intend to puzzle, confuse, or hide the truth. Rather, God desires to make its contents and truths clear and known. I have heard it said the book of Revelation is the book most Christians want to hear taught from the pulpit because they don’t understand it. At the same time, it is the least preached book of the Bible because pastors claim they don’t understand it. But we must believe that this book exists to reveal truth and we can and must understand the message of this book! The term apocalyptic not only refers to the book’s intent, but to its literature. To understand the meaning of a book of the Bible, we must carefully consider what kind of genre to which the book belongs. Genre is a term that refers…

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