Essay on Revelation, By Flannery O ' Connor

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In the short story, Revelation, author Flannery O’Connor uses a series of different analytical devices to help get the theme of the story across to the audience. Throughout the short story, Mrs. Turpin is continuously trying to get Mary Grace to like her and to get her approval. While she waits in the doctor 's office, Mrs. Turpin tries to figure out why Mary Grace keeps glaring and does not want to interact with her. In her own thoughts, Mrs. Turpin keeps wondering when Mary Grace will come to her senses and it’s almost like waiting for some type of revelation. O’Connor does a great job using ethos, pathos, and logos throughout the novel to help get across the idea of a revelation to the audience.
Ethos helps the author create credibility and let 's the audience know that the author is a credible source. O’Connor uses ethos to her advantage. O’Connor grew up in the South, and her main character in Revelation, Mrs. Turpin, reflects that. Mrs. Turpin is also very religious, as was O’Connor. By knowing that O’Connor had the same background the audience knows the mentality of Mrs. Turpin can greatly reflect back onto O’Connor’s. As O’Connor uses ethos, the audience knows that the attitude is truthful and isn’t coming from any outside source but all from experience and what she deeply felt inside. O’Connor is able to get across to her religious audience as well as people who were raised in the South by portraying Mrs. Turpin the way she did.
It is clear that O’Connor uses her…

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