Revelation 3 : 1-6 Contracts Essay

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Revelation 3:1-6 deals with the writings to the church in Sardis. This paper will offer an exegetical analysis by identifying and examining the historical context, studying significant terms, and analyzing the text verse by verse.
The author of Revelation is John of Patmos, who also wrote the fourth gospel and the three letters of John. The facts that support this are that the writer referred to himself as John, he had personal relationships with the seven churches of Asia Minor, his circumstances at the time of writing seem to match those of John of Patmos who was said to be in Asia minor from about 70 A.D to 100 A.D, and the amount of Old Testament imagery implies that the author was Jewish, like John. The initial audience for the Book of Revelation was the seven churches in Asia Minor. At the time the churches were all facing persecution from the Roman Empire.
Though some have dated the book later, the two most widely accepted dates for Revelation are the late 60’s and mid 90’s of the first century A.D. The mid 90’s time frame is the one that has the majority of the supporting evidence. Each view gives a different account of the persecution described in the letters to the churches (2:9-10:13). Considerable historical evidence shows that some of the churches were persecuted by Emperor Nero -who is commonly referred to as 666- in the late 60’s, but the reference in 17:10 to seven kings, supports a date in the mid 90’s. The Book of Revelation focuses on the events at the…

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