Reunion: Short Story and Father Essay

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Reunion “Reunion” by “John Cheever” is a short story in which there is conflict between the central characters due to their nature. This story is set in New York where Charlie’s father lives. Charlie and his father are the two central characters in this story. The story is told through the eyes of Charlie when he was a young man. Charlie decides to have lunch with his father during a stop between trains while he is on his way from his grandmother’s house to his mother’s. Their reunion does not turn out as hoped by Charlie and the differences in their nature of character causes conflict. The story starts off with the reader being informed of what is happening. The reader is told that it had been three years since Charlie and his …show more content…
Because Charlie is not greeted with a hug, it brings out Charlie’s father as being a father who doesn’t know how to have a successful relationship with his son. Due to this action, the reader is made to emphasise with Charlie due to the lack of affection he receives from his father who he has arranged to meet up with, hoping it will strengthen their relationship. When Charlie says, “I hoped that someone would see us together”, it shows how much he cherished the moment when his father showed some affection in the best way he could. From the first paragraph, it is made clear that Charlie’s father does not know how to have a successful relationship with his son.
Furthermore, the reader’s first impression of Charlie’s father is carried on into the rest of the story. When Charlie and his father seat themselves in the first restaurant the stop at, the father starts shouting the words, “Garcon” Cameriere! You.” This portrays Charlie’s father as thinking he is better than everyone else and that he is special. It also shows that he likes to show off as he speaks in different languages. The father’s behaviour is not taken well by the waiter, especially as he starts being rude and making uncouth remarks they are then told they, “better go somewhere else.” Not only does this show how selfish he is but how he lives his life this way: by

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