Returning To My Childhood Place : The Greatest And Saddest Days Of My Life

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Returning to my childhood place was one of the greatest and saddest days of my life. By remembering the weirdest and most memorable traditions, to the hilarious stories that would make me realize that I was not able to hold my bladder, this would be a story I will never forget. The past has affected my childhood and how I see everything now, but I still have my most precious memories saved and taken care of in my heart. From the saddest to the happiest of days with my family I look back and reflect on how we acted and question myself, was it really worth acting like that? And how could this have affected me now if this never happened? My life as a kid felt short, sweet, but promising. Knowing my life as a child and acting like one was gone by this point made me realize how much I wanted to change my past and see where I would be today if this one thing could have changed my life and probably my families. This memory is precious to me and I will never let it go even when I am seventy years old and not able to hold my bladder anymore. Anyways, this memory has always been special to me even though it has not been my favorite problem that I have had to face.
It was the summer after my 7th grade year. I was with my grandmother and my cousin, Claren, and as our tradition every year my two cousins, grandmother and I would go to our camper in Cherokee where we would stay for weeks at a time. For a few years my entire family has had some bad problems with each other and it’s sad

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