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When a family is separated, it is destroyed because it is not a family anymore — one of its members is not there anymore. The member of the family that gets deported is either mom or dad, which is the head of the house. This means that their financial situation is not the same anymore because they were the ones bringing the money to the house. The family would not be the same anymore because a loved one is not there anymore. Families suffer a lot of damages that can 't be fixed. There are 200,000 parents getting separated from their children each day. It 's sad to see 5,100 children in foster care because their parents are being deported.
In the video, you can see how the actress Diana Guerrero reacted when she was 14 and her parents and
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Mari comes to America with her uncles and father from Mexico. She also came with her two sisters, but they had to live with their mother. Mari is really sad and depressed because she wants to be with her mother. Her family was separated, as you can see. Also, you can see, in this story, how Mari 's uncle was scared when he saw the police. This problem does happen in real life; immigrants are scared of the police because they could ask them for their papers, which they don 't have. You can see how Mari struggles without her mother and how she has to grow older to take care of her sisters. Mari states, "We have missed terribly the eight month and a day" …show more content…
When the mother has to tell her children that their father has been deported, the children feel sad and depressed. It affects the childrens ' health because they are not happy anymore; they are depressed, which means that they don 't see the point of life anymore. It is very difficult for children to understand why they deport their loved ones. It also affects them in school because they think about their loved one that they are separated from and how their mother has to work very hard. "According to a recent report published by the nonprofit public health organization Human Impact Partners (HIP), the anxiety and stress of having an undocumented parent can have profound and lasting consequences on children 's physical growth and development, sense of self, and ability to thrive in the classroom"(Hellerstein). This is all because their parents are being deported, and children don 't have the normal life of a child. The children also suffer from the stress and anxiety of having parents that are immigrants because they will be separated from them one day. The parents will have health problems, no sleep, and they would be so stressed out that they would end up in the

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