Rethinking Men : Heroes, Violence And Victims Essay example

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Anthony Synnott, author of Rethinking Men: Heroes, Violence and Victims, asks an important question: “Are men ‘opposite’ to women, as popular culture suggests, or ninety-eight percent similar, as our chromosomes indicate?” (Synnott 1). Biologically, males and females have very few differences because their bodies are made of the same materials and go through nearly the same biological processes. However, males and females are seen as very different in social and cultural aspects by many people in society. Females pressed for change and are truly starting to be seen an equal sex to men in the workplace, financially, and socially. Changing social and cultural aspects for males have not occurred in any drastic form. If anything, male traits and masculinity degraded into a beast that no one wants, attacking in mass numbers, claiming lives through violence, being the onset of mental illnesses. We are faced with an epidemic many choose to ignore since it affects nearly every man and boy. If we were to continue on this path, shocking and extreme events would result, increasing the severity of this issue. While females should continue on the path to equality, males need to break through the extremely restrictive confines of society’s current hypermasculinity. Hypermasculinity attempts to widen the differences biologically and psychologically between men and women, promotes violence on the victim and bullying levels, increases chance of mental illnesses, and promotes aggression in…

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