Retention And Retention Of College Students Essay

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More often than in the past I education needs to meet the growing demands of the college system that government. Many institutions of higher education have been placed under some form of performance-based metrics. Of these performance-based reviews, completion and retention have become the focus of many institutions. This push for retention has made many institutions assess how they retain students and has prompted new initiatives to aid them. When looking at retention it raises two main questions. Who is the most at risk students and what is necessary to retain them.
Review of Literature
Literature is available in different facets in regards to retention of college students. In focusing my research on the retention of First time in college students I observed that there are different views of retention efforts. My goal was to see the impact of retention efforts were they successful is there room for improvement. I focused my research on intramurals and FTIC retention, Online learning efforts, predictors of retention for FTIC students and advising efforts that are done. The results of the studies were very interesting.
Retention in Intramurals
The study conducted by McElveen and Rossow on intramurals relationship to the retention of first time in college students reviewed how academic performance was impacted by participations. From all the participants 3 groups were formed: group of Fall 2010 FTIC students who stayed until spring 2011, Spring 2011 to Fall 2011 FTIC…

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