Bohemian Mix: Young Influential, Young Digerati

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The three groups we chose are Bohemian Mix, Young Influential, Young Digerati. From the research of the last project, we decided to design a lipstick for the woman in the groups. Because of women need to make up every day and, of course, lipstick is most important one for the whole face, even though you don 't put other stuff, such as eyeliner, on the face but the lipstick only, it will help you look good though.
Bohemian mix
Color: CorailGondola
• Material (lipstick): pure natural material with moister in it
• Outer package: black color metal tube with black color leather outside that covers the bottom part of the tube.
• Packaging box: normal paper box
Green: material use all natural, tube and paper box can be recycle For Bohemian mix group I chose the color more toward the pink coral, it helps complexion of faces. And the design of the lipstick tube is all black, the
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The main function of lipstick is to make them have a fresh complexion. These colors are good for the different type of workers, fresh people in the work, people who care about fashion during their work time, and strong women (for work). I chose the pure natural material for the lipstick is because of the woman was really easy to eat their lipstick and if you have too much chemical stuff in the lipstick, it will cause something bad happen in our body. For the tube package, I want to make it gorgeous looks, when you have your lipstick out, someone will see it and may say “ wow! Your lipstick looks so textured”. The makeups are not only useful but also beautiful, no matter inside or outside. Also, the ring on the tube can be reused it is kind of environment protection as

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