Retailing At Car Dealership Industry Essay

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Retailing At Car Dealership
Alejandra Genao
Lehigh Carbon Community College Prof. Pamela Weldom

The car dealership industry has continually evolved over years in a great manner in such a way that is now seen as a different industry when compared to how operations were thirty or forty years ago. Like other businesses, car retailing dealership ought to have proper planning with clearly set objectives for easy operations. The car dealer has to put the buyer’s interests first in order to deliver what the customer needs. He also should maintain a good relationship with his supplier so that he does not run out of stock. The location of the entity is vital in that it should be easily accessible to consumers. The internet and technology are seen to play a major role in this industry as the facilitate communication among the various stakeholders involved. To adopt with the changing world the car retailing is evolving in order to keep up with the modernizing world.

Retailing Car Dealership Retail car dealership is the business that employs automotive sales person to sell used or new cars based on some agreement with the automaker or its subsidiaries. Due to the changing and difficult economic times characterized by inability to clear one’s problems in one financial strike, everyone is striving to supplement their income as much as possible by doing not what will take much of their time but…

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