Essay on Retail Market Is An Integral Part Of Economic Development

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Today, retail market is an integral part of economic development because it provides abundant power for country’s interests. To succeed, retailers must usually update new information and technically, or find different ways to attract customers from using camera; loyalty cards to surveys that could help retailers compete with rivals. Most of people believe that the surveillance of consumers by retail anthropologists is manipulative and unethical. In fact, the retail anthropologists should survey to customers for many reasons such as access to customers demand, change and organize marketing strategies, and bring benefits to customers.
Accessing to customers demand is the first reason could make surveillance of consumers is not manipulative and unethical. In the business environment, there is a lot of competition, so understanding customer’s behavior could help the retail has more opportunity to success. According the article “Loyalty”, the researcher report that “More than 93% of Canadians belong to at least one loyalty program, according to a survey done in 2009, but most belong to more”, and Sojka said “Women are out there in the retail world and are more often looking to get a deal or some kind of reward," or " they make more of the decisions on what to buy and where to buy, whether that 's groceries, drug store needs or clothing." These evidences could demonstrate that the loyal cards are the important part to improve customer’s attention on products in marketing because…

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