Resumes Reflecting Your Complishments, Are The Foundation Of Your Success

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Resumes reflect your accomplishments, are your marketing tools, and are the foundation of your brand. While keeping it up-to-date can be painstaking or time-consuming, it is important. You never know when you will need your resume. Not only do you need it if, worst case scenario, you are in the market for a new job or career path, but resume writing can help you reflect on your professional development and even prepare for your next annual review.

Why should you update your resume?
Simply put, life is fluid and your resume should reflect every change you find important. If you only update the document when you’re looking for a job, you could sell yourself short. Taking the time to write down all of your accomplishments will give you an edge
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Providing the media or conference organizer with your resume will backup your information. Then, you can add that experience to your resume!

Colleagues can nominate you for awards, but your resume usually needs to be presented to the awards committee for validation. An up-to-date resume will reflect all of your achievements in a way you are confident and comfortable with. Waiting until asked will result in a rush to fix that years old resume and scrambling to come up with something that won’t represent yourself well.

Freelance work
While you might not be looking for a new job or career, you may decide to pick up side jobs. Freelancing is a good way to earn some spending money and add on to your skill set. However, most contracted work requires a current
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What are they looking for and what experiences will set you apart from other potential candidates. Resumes are a snapshot of you as a person and most employers spend about ten seconds perusing a resume, unless they find something worth further inspection. Electronic documents are used much more often than paper, so keep that in mind. If your resume looks like everyone else’s it will be treated in kind. Employers also appreciate consistency. When taking the time to recent your resume, be consistent -- meaning don’t just update LinkedIn if your resume is posted on several other social media profiles. And take the time to tailor it to a job you are interested in. If you want to highlight your skills for one job but experience for another, create different copies of your resume to reflect those

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