Results And Results Of The Great Depression Essay

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The Results and Causes of the Great Depression

The end of World War One saw The United States become the economic power of the world, which tied multiple nation’s economies with theirs. When the stock market crashed in 1929 causing the Great Depression, all countries tied with the U.S were dragged down along with them. This resulted in many citizens becoming unemployed and searching for jobs. Canada was affected severely as one in five Canadians became dependant on government relief for survival. Governments during this time had a tough go at ending the high unemployment rates and harsh living conditions that many people were forced into. When the Stock Market crashed causing the Great Depression, the U.S economy took other countries down
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When the depression first started, King was hesitant to accept that an economic crisis had hit Canada. Local governments did not assist single homeless men but instead created unemployment relief camps run by the department of defence. The camps paid men 20 cents per day, given three daily meals, work clothes, medical care and a bunkhouse residence for construction and labour work. The conditions of the camp were extremely poor causing protests such as the Regina Riot where one police man was killed along with dozens of men injured and over 100 …show more content…
The Depression created many different political movements including the Social Credit theories by William Aberhart, Work and Wages program by B.C Premier T.Dufferin Pattullo and the democratic socialism of J.S Woodsworth and the co-operative Commonwealth Federation. The national impact of these organizations was small but the depression did bring state responsibility for the economy and social welfare. The government eventually sets up the Bank of Canada, who were to regulate monetary policy, the Canadian Wheat Board who sets a floor price (minimum) for wheat and unemployment insurance which provides people in between jobs a small income to stay

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