Essay about Results And Discussion Of Serum Albumin

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Firstly, a test to determine the concentration of serum albumin in blood and urine samples was carried out. Table 1 demonstrates that Patient B discharged 43mg/mL of serum albumin which was within the normal reference range (35-50g/l) provided.
Low serum albumin levels are usually associated with acute glomerulonephritis, the normal albumin levels for Patient B implies that acute glomerulonephritis could be eliminated from list of conditions provided. Thus suggested for both Patient B and Patient N there were no leakage of the serum albumin in the urine. Low albumin levels may signify impaired liver function. (McClatchey, 2002) Because of the normal level of albumin in blood hepatic cirrhosis and chronic hepatic cirrhosis can also be dismissed.
An advantage of the test was that the blood samples used are one of the leading analysis preferences chosen and easily obtainable from patients. Bromocresol green solution used changed the electronic structure thus specific whilst binding to albumin. This generated accurate results with no anomalies for both serum and blood. Moreover, a simple assay was used due to expense limitations of University of Chester. (Rehm, 2006) expands that BCA assay may have been used to measure the precise amount of protein present as BCA assay is faster and less affected by the other protein compositions.
The albustix tests are carried out to predict the presence of protein in urine and Patient B attained negative results for…

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