Restriction On Young People 's Internet Access Essay example

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Restriction on young people 's Internet Access Should young people have restricted internet access? is a question that has risen concerns among many parents and experts. Today, the internet is used by many people as a communication, research, shopping, entertainment, and even marketing tool. No one controls the internet. Therefore, anyone can share any information with millions of other people over the internet. With so little supervision, the unrestricted internet access negatively impacts the lives of young people. When the Soviet Union launched their first satellite, Sputnik, in 1957, Americans were shocked. The U.S. government became aware of the threat that the Soviet Union posed to their country. Therefore, the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) was created in the U.S. Defense Department. ARPANET, known today as the Internet, was used by military and computer scientists at major universities to track major threats from the Soviet Union. ARPANET was such a complicated computer system that computer scientists who needed to use it had learned its entire system. It was funded by the government, so no advertising was produced for it. ARPANET was used for calculations, testing programs, and accessing data (Dutton 28-29). However, over the years, the internet has lost its true purpose and caused harm to many individuals, especially young people. Internet access should be restricted to young people to decrease the risks of cyber crime, internet-use…

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