Restorative Justice Is Not A New Concept Essay

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Restorative Justice is not a new concept. It requires the offender to accept responsibility, make amends, and provide restitution to the victim. The offender, victim, and community work on, problem solving and healing relationships. Our criminal justice system has been re-invented, but it is still failing to reduce crime and recidivism or otherwise known as repeat offenders. Taking responsibility for our actions is scary at times; no one wants to admit they have made a mistake. In our personal lives, it is not as hard to admit we have made a mistake, because we do not have a third party who will hear the offense from others not directly involved. Schools, prisons, juvenile justice systems, and some countries in their criminal cases are using this alternative method, with good outcomes. Returning to a thousand year old indigenous or native practice, will be effective in curbing crime and lowering recidivism. Our criminal justice system encourages the offender to deny guilt, even when guilty. A preset punishment range is already in place for crimes committed against the state. Therefore, removing the human aspect of the crime. The focus is on how to manipulate the law and win their case. Only facts presented by those not directly involved leave questions unanswered for jurors. In some cases, allowing the guilty to go free. I have served on a jury, with questions unanswered led to the offender going home, even though the majority felt it was wrong. On the other hand, the…

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