Essay about Restorative Justice By Howard Zehr

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Howard Zehr (2002), prominent advocate for restorative justice in his book noted 'the primary goal of restorative justice is not to curb recidivism, but to put things right. ' But, how will any Criminal Justice System know when things are right and for whom? It is therefore empirical that the approach be measured by the standard mode all programmes globally are held against, and, in doing so the most relevant measure is the recidivism rate of any crime (Latimer, 2005). For that reason, I recommend restorative justice should be evaluated on its ability to reduce recidivism for consistent evaluations, standardized scales of emotional traits and for theoretical explanations of all categories of crime. Restorative Justice is a philosophy which uses a holistic approach to address the needs of the victim, the obligations of the offender and the social responsibility of the community when a crime is committed. A crime in this aspect is not seen as an act against an individual but a harm which disturbs the community, (Zher, 2002). Restorative Justice can be traced back to indigenous and religious groups, however there is no consistent evaluation of its programs over the years, since one cannot provide a comparison of quantitative statistical data with those qualitative emotions of a restorative process, (Bonta, Wallace, et. al, 202). In fact, there is no true measurement of its effectiveness, since programs differ from place to place with varying goals, objectives, and the…

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