Restless Leg Syndrome: A Case Study

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The use of misuse drugs today is often the cause to drug dependency in pharmaceutical drug therapy. Today primary care physicians, often use drugs for more than one course of treatment and or diagnoses or condition. Therefore, if clinicians do not appropriately assess patients and or clients the use of that drug may potentially be a result of misdiagnoses. Prescribing sleep aids for conditions other the primary symptom of insomnia Restless leg syndrome has been suggested as a cause to sleep disturbances. Depending on the severity of restless leg syndrome will determine what medication is be suited for treatment of this order. However, when treating restless leg syndrome, and other medical conditions (e.g. fibromayalgia, chronic pain, …show more content…
Although, all populations are equally important. As a counselor, it would behoove the counselor to interact and establish a good therapeutic with the client and any additional specialist that client is under there care for.

Role of the counselor in treatment of sleep disorders As a counselor, the responsibility and role for treating clients and or patients with a sleep disorder, would be awareness. Counselors that are focused on normal, consistent, and have a therapeutic alliance with their clients/patients would notice changes in client’s behavior. Similar, clients should also be aware of false pretenses, form of malingering. Malingering occurs when clients make up or exaggerate symptoms for some personal gain (Wynkoop, 2009). Moreover, counselors may not be directly implicated in the client’s deceit. Therefore, due to the position of a counselor, they would need to receive more accurate and honest information than other medical professionals presents ethical concerns (Wynkoop,

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