Restaurant Management System

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Determine the needs of the client, considering the types of services the restaurant would need to run though the management system

To provide a system that could wirelessly send order data from self-service or mobile devices to a management system for sorting and to be read by chefs or food preparation staff in store. For the product to be successful, a server and hardware benchmark would be recommended, as well as the use of recommendations from software providers so that the network and system could be as efficient as possible.

For a server that could run multiple devices and manage lots of data, it would require faster, efficient hardware, and suitable software. For the management system to be affective, having a dedicated LAN Server would
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The reliability of a system is often rested upon the quality of components, and the measures that the installer/setup members take. To increase reliability, the owner of the restaurant would need to consider factors such as hardware from certified sellers, to ensure safety of components, and software that may come with backup forms or cloud storage. To increase the reliability of a management system, they could use a LAN (Local Area Network) Server to ensure that if the local or ISP goes down, they may still communicate between devices (send data such as orders) by using a backup power source …show more content…
This could be prioritised by using more powerful systems, such as increasing the clock speeds of servers, increasing server dedicated RAM, changing ISP or by making a system easier to use. The efficiency of a management system is reliant upon the ease of use, the reliability, cost and speed at which it can be used. Investing in more powerful hardware, or using a 64bit server would help to increase these speeds along with using software that comes with tutorials or easy to use would also help dramatically.

Low Cost-

Another constant factor to consider when using a application/server based management system would be the cost of the maintenance of hardware/software support. Also the cost of training staff members to use the software, or the investment of assets into new systems to maintain the management.

Compare and contrast two possible Restaurant Management Systems including. software used computer hardware used and its location network hardware used and its location

Management System 1-

This system would use a mobile app to communicate with computers throughout the store, accessed by the customer, it would allow for them to manipulate the app to order a meal. The network requirement would be a switch, modem/router, and a main computer which could store or manage the orders from the back of the

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