Examples Of Hidden Gaps

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Where Are the Hidden Gaps in Your Restaurant Clients’ Coverage?

In today 's social-sharing, instant-communication and litigious ecosphere, even the most scrupulous and painstaking management practices can fall short of anticipating and preventing all risks. Upscale dining establishments face higher risks than neighborhood establishments and fast food operations, and an accident, utility outage, case of food poisoning, deliberate act of sabotage or natural disaster can easily destroy the most careful of businesses.

Independent insurance agents frequently discover that their restaurant insurance packages have hidden gaps that expose their clients to risks. Even if these perils never become major financial burdens, the fact that they exist could
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These rules also apply to employees. The problems for restaurants are often compounded because complainants don 't always inform the offending or allegedly offending businesses that they 're seeking legal redress or give businesses the opportunities to correct their access-related problems.

Some of the common internal issues that face restaurants include: [Caffaro, Kim]

• Tables too closely arranged for easy navigation
• Aisles and walkways less than 36-inches wide
• Lack of a five-foot radius of empty space where wheelchairs can reverse direction
• External and internal entry barriers
• No access to certain areas such as restrooms, private dining rooms, outside tables, food-ordering counters, self-service bars and restaurant-related merchandise for sale
• No emergency systems with flashing lights and audible signals for deaf or blind customers
• Websites that don 't offer access to disabled
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