Respupational Therapy: A Career Of Mental Health

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I began to be interested in this career two years ago, when I discovered better for my stepmother. She treats children with autism with a master degree in psychology, goes to their homes and gives them therapy, it is not exactly the same as you would an occupational therapist but I 'd say it 's the closest thing I 've seen the area that interests me, Mental Health.
That could be considered one of the reasons for my taste for this world also included something happened in my life. When I was quite small my grandfather was called by the Cuban military to be sent to a war, I accept. I not really remember how hard that war, which will not ever forget was the sudden change in my grandfather when I came home. Until now I had never understood his attitude and problems but at that time my grandfather showed clear signs of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). In my home country something as an occupational therapist was not even mentionable, not exist, and clearly a psychologist did not help much with the problems of my grandfather. I remember once I heard, I was about 10 years old and my grandfather was crying, I never had seen mourn before and so it was quite significant in my attitude with him. Clear symptoms were little or no sleep, an

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