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Brief Description of week 2 submission:
At the beginning of the semester my understanding of responsible commerce was, for companies to build a socially acceptable business, that not only conformed to shareholders wants but to that of society and the environment. Social responsibility is about being transparent so that the business has the trust of the community. It is about looking after all people who have an interest in the business managers, to employees, the community, government, it is all stakeholders. It is important because by building a responsible business you build a sustainable business. One that will not go bankrupt through dodgy accounting practices like Enron, one which the directors of the company do not have a tarnished
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The standard objection to utilitarianism is that it requires the promotion or maximization of ‘goods’, such as economic growth, in order to achieve utility and permits the sacrificing of individuals and minorities ‘for the greater good’.
Wood (2007) notes that in utilitarianism there can be a discriminatory application of the law, so that favoured groups are virtually immune, while disfavoured groups pay the price, as tends to happen in income policies, and sometimes, in the control of ethnic groups in the labour market. It is conceivable that this ethic of welfare may, for example, allows the telling of lies to protect the reputation of the corporation and consequently the jobs of employees. So, for example, if a company was saved from bankruptcy because its image and reputation were enhanced by lies told by company representatives to journalists this may well be seen as acceptable. From a utilitarian point of view, the welfare of those human beings whose jobs had been saved is weighed against the breaking of trust with other human beings. Throughout this subject I have found I have instinctive non-consequentialist views and I am shocked by consequentialist morality of any kind until looking into it deeper.
Case Study Apple & Foxconn
In June 2010 the body of a 19-year-old worker named Ma Xiangqian was found in front of his high-rise dormitory at

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