Responsibilities Of Police Officers

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Police officers enforce laws to protect people and their property. This job force can be very stressful, it generally consists of routine patrol duties, going to dangerous calls, investigation and traffic stops. Being a police officer is very demanding, it will make you emotionally and physically tired. It is a demanding and challenging career. A police officer’s duty is to maintain public order, preventing crime. Police officers typically work within a specific jurisdiction on a local, state or federal level and obligated to work within the limits of the law. They must live up to great exceptions, you must have great responsibility and integrity to become a police officer. Municipal police officers are to enforce laws in a town or city. Municipal police officers are controlled by the local government. The main goal of the municipal police is community policing. Municipal police officers are usually limited to their town jurisdiction. Sheriff officers are to enforce state laws at the county level. Sheriff officers can serve warrants, summons and respond to calls. Sheriff officers can enforce laws in the county or state. State police …show more content…
A sheriff department is responsible for protecting the community within the county. While a municipal police department is responsible for protecting the town, there jurisdiction is just the town. The advantages of being a sheriff are you have more area to cover to patrol. Another advantage of being a sheriff deputy is that you get your own car and you can take it home at night. The sheriff department has so many opportunities where you can be very good at such as K9 unit, a traffic enforcer, and many more opportunities. The disadvantages for become apart of a sheriff department is when back-up is needed, it may take 20-30 minutes to get there. The advantages for both municipal and sheriff department are attractive benefits such as retirement

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