Essay Responsibilities of Personal Protection

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Responsibilities of Personal Protection To understand the responsibilities of personal protection one must first understand what personal protection is. Once this is established one can begin to discuss the responsibilities and duties of personal protection, the rationale for personal protection, and finally, the history, and evolution of security and personal protection. Personal protection is important in the security industry and a profession that continues to change and evolve. Personal protection protects individuals and groups who many not be able to protect themselves from horrific events, such as harassment, assault, molestation, and many other harmful activities. Besides people, it also refers to the protection of property and …show more content…
A tithing protected its fellow citizens and apprehended anyone committing a crime (International Foundation for Protection Officers, 2010).
Around the mid-1800s the American security industry was born when Allan and Robert Pinkerton founded Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency. While investigating a railway case 1861 the Pinkerton agency uncovered and foiled an assassination plot on Abraham Lincoln. Later during the Civil War President Lincoln would hire Pinkerton’s agency. During this time the Pinkerton’s agency organized America’s first secret service, which was used to obtain military information from the Confederate Army (Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations, 2012). Although other security service came before Pinkerton, they are credited with being the first to start what is known today as security services.
Security continued to evolve through the development of Holmes Protection in 1858, American District Telegraph (ADT) in 1874, Brinks Armored in 1891, and the Wackenhut Corporation in 1954, today it is part of G4S, which provide security services in more than 55 countries. The security industry began to develop their professionalism with the establishment of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) in 1955, The Report of the Task Force on Private Security in 1975, and of course, the formation of the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) in 1988

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