Responsibilities Of Being A 21st Century Modern Principal Essay

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By no means, the job of the school principal has changed rapidly in the past few years. Today’s principals need to acquire new skills needed to keep up with the changing requirements. The principals to be are faced with more responsibilities and in many cases more people to lead. Curriculum changes, teacher accountability, assessments, safety, student learning, discipline, budget, legality are just a few issues 21st century modern day principals face. These are just some of the many roles and responsibilities of being a 21st century modern principal. In a study conducted by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), reviled that principals are working longer and managing more staff members. In today’s world, a school principal is faced with many issues both in school and outside of school. With the advancement of technology principals are faced with even greater responsibilities of not just keeping up with the most recent technology, but also insuring that it does not get misused.
Accountability is an issue that school principals deal. Principals must insure that all state standards are addressed. This includes ensuring the implementation of the curriculum, providing accommodation for special education students and tracking standardized assessment results. Principals are faced with the politics behind high steak testing. Because principals are under the pressure to perform well on theses assessment, it results to the teacher’s teacher to the test. If…

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