Responsibilities For Different Job Roles Essay

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My chosen businesses are “Tesco” and “Phones 4 u” and both of the businesses have totally separate types of responsibilities for different job roles. At Tesco they have a tall organisational structure which means the information that the staff has would be passed through a tall organisational structure which will make the transferring information very lengthy as the tall structure is very complicated because there are several layers of managements.
Sales staff at Tesco is responsible for selling products to customers and for making as much profit for their business. The sales staffs at Tesco will be looking to sell as much products as they can to the customers by persuading them to purchase a particular product that they are interested. Another way the sales staff will sell the product at Tesco by giving customers information about products which should give the customers a better understanding of the products which will make them want to purchase the product if the given information is all positive.
As well as selling the products at Tesco the sales staff would have to meet the overall sales target of the business. Tesco will have a target that they need to meet in every given period in order to make a surplus in the running of the business that making a deficit. The sales staff would have to make sure that Tesco’s store meets sales targets and to do this the sales staff will push for maximum sales at Tesco by providing the best service they can in order to help the…

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