Essay about Responsibilities And Responsibilities Of The Teacher

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Responsibilities are things you are held accountable for, and they can range from small things to large things. Everyone has some type of a responsibility. As you get older you start to get more things to be responsible for. When it comes to high school students who takes responsibility for their education it 's there are three types. There are some students that take full responsibility, some that take partial responsibility, and some who take none at all. The students that take full responsibility in their education are serious about their education. They are the ones who plan early to go to college and set goals in the future. These are the same students who believe that the teacher plays a large role, but they play an even larger role. "It 's the teacher job to teach, but it 's our job to learn", said Carl Miller. Their mindset is that their education is very important. "Education is everything and Knowledge are power (Miller). Their actions differ from the other students because they put effort into learning. They come to school prepared with all the things they will need for the day, and will be well rested. They pay attention, but that 's most of the students in the class. The responsible students are the one who takes an extra step and participate in class and its activities. They 're usually on, and answer all the teacher questions before anyone else. They also are not afraid to ask a question when they don 't understand certain things. They know some areas they…

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